Omni channel fulfilment

Experience Seamless Connectivity Across Every Channel

By seamlessly integrating your product listings across various sales channels– from online marketplaces and social media platforms to physical stores – we provide a unified shopping experience that today’s consumers demand. Our unique approach to omnichannel retail sets your business apart, ensuring you meet and exceed the evolving expectations of your customers.

Omnichannel Services

Our service is distinguished by several key features, each designed to give your business a competitive edge

Real-Time Inventory Synchronization

Real-Time Inventory Synchronization

Our advanced synchronization technology ensures that your inventory is updated instantly across all channels. This not only prevents overselling but also positions your brand as reliable and efficient.

Unified Client Portal

Unified Client Portal

Watch all of your sales channels performance in one place. Our industry leading warehouse management software enables you to view all your inventory, tracking numbers, sales data, purchase orders, and full life cycle of your inventory all in one place. Recom3pl helps you optimize your operational view to provide your company with the data points needed to help make the best business decisions in real time.

Intelligent Channel-Specific Optimization

Intelligent Channel-Specific Optimization

We go beyond basic optimization by employing AI-driven tools to tailor your listings for each channel, ensuring they resonate with the specific audience and standards of each platform.

Same Day Shipping

Same Day Shipping

Recom3pl ships all orders placed by 2:00 PM EST same day. If you have marketplaces with specific needs out side of this timeframe we are happy to add accommodate. Recom3pl wants to ensure the best customer experience, using our expertise in operational workflows, shipment and inventory accuracy, and carrier transit times. We want to ensure you exceed your customers expectations with fast shipping and carrier transit times. Whether you need guaranteed two day delivery or perfer the most cost effective shipping method. Our team of experts will help automate and optimize your shipping and parcel carrier needs to ensure we keep your customers happy. 

Benefits for Business

Choosing our omnichannel listing services brings you unparalleled advantages:

Maximized Sales with Reduced Effort

Experience a surge in conversion rates as our service streamlines the shopping experience for your customers, making it easier for them to purchase across channels.

Inventory Efficiency

Our sophisticated inventory management leads to smarter stock levels, reducing costs and enhancing the frequency of inventory turnover.

Long-Term Customer Relationships

By delivering a consistently excellent and personalized shopping experience, we help you build a loyal customer base that keeps coming back.

Features provided -

Want to expand your brand to additional Marketplaces. We have up to 25 additional marketplaces where we can publish your products. We will handle everything from Product listing optimization, to customer support. Let us help you expand your revenue and market reach. 

At Recom3pl you will have your own personal account rep. There is no ticketing que where you get inline for the next available representative. We assign each account with their own personal rep to contact as needed. This will ensure you build a trusting relationship with our team and work with the same person who learns the needs of your business and the best way to efficiently help you on a daily basis. The Ecommerce world is a fast paced industry and customers expect a quick response. Recom3pl will enable you to provide quick and efficient customer service to ensure your customers satisfaction.

A built-in knowledge base provides quick answers to frequently asked customer questions, reducing the workload on support teams and improving customer satisfaction.

Our Warehouse management system updates everything in real time. There is no waiting for tracking numbers, inventory syncing at the end of the day, receipt reports or any other data you need. We will customize your client portal to provide you with all the data you need in real time to make quick business decisions. All our inventory and tracking number processes are automated requiring zero manual data transfer giving your team more time to focus on other parts of the business. 

Do you work with third party marketplaces or have guaranteed shipping and delivery times for your customers? NO Problem!! Recom3pl can build any type of SLA agreement to ensure we keep all of your marketplaces and customers happy.

Inside your client portal you will have the ability to view every customer’s order history no matter the marketplace the order was placed on. With our industry leading software we provide your team with a single place to view all customer order and tracking data. Giving you the ability to provide more accurate and efficient customer service.